Uitleg & Review van het spel “Blue Moon”, uitgegeven door 999 Games, door Nox’ Spellenzolder._x000D_
Vragen, opmerkingen of verzoekjes, mail mij gerust._x000D_
2 Spelers_x000D_
Racial Abilities:_x000D_
1. The Mimix feature characters that can attack in pairs and powerful card texts that allow the player to retrieve cards from the draw and discard piles_x000D_
2. The Aqua feature cards that are protected from the effects of opposing cards, and the potential to bring about a powerful flood that will force their opponenets to retreat._x000D_
3. The Pillar have potions that can change their characters’ values, caterpillars that force the opponent to discard valuable cards, and butterflies which give the Pillar insight on the opposition’s capabilities._x000D_
4. The Flit feature many retrievable characters and the ability to pair up boosters to create powerful attacks._x000D_
5. The Khind feature characters that can gang up on the opposition, either attacking all at once or building strength upon characters already played._x000D_
6. The Terrah are strong in the earth element and can call forth powerful storms that can intimidate their opponents into retreating._x000D_
30 Minuten Speeltijd

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